Gomez-DadIt is always wonderful to see your friends succeed, even more so when they have been brothers in arms. It was the pleasure of our membership at this month’s meeting two have two of our brothers in attendance that have since moved on from this wonderful career.

One of them is Brother Rafael Gomez a long-standing member of the FOP and retired Sergeant of this Department. Rafael is currently running for a City of Hialeah Council position. We support Ralph as we know he would surely have the best intentions in issues involving first responders. Ralph has been a resident of the City Hialeah as far back as I can remember and has always wanted the very best for that city. We wish him all the best! Good luck Ralph!

Another such visit was from Brother, Imtyaz Dad. Brother Dad retired from this Department over one year ago with twenty plus years in service with the rank of Sergeant. He served as an SRO, FTO and K-9 handler for many years. It was awesome to see Dad at our meeting and to see such a well-respected member of our union want to spend time with his brothers and sisters. A motion was passed at the meeting to make Dad a Member Perpetua, which means Honorary Member for Life. The honor was bestowed on him for many years of loyal service to the Department and the Union and for always being a consummate gentleman.