1Since 2011 there has been NO Cost of Living Accrual Calculation for current employees within the Florida Retirement System. This decision by Florida Lawmakers to eliminate the “COLA” has a long lasting negative effect on the entire State of Florida.

The effects of this will surely be felt for years to come as our future retirees will have less income coming in, thus, spending less on goods and services. Over the past few years there were NO lawmakers who stepped up to support public employees which has been very disturbing to us.

Well, this year, it appears that there are two hero lawmakers floating amongst the Florida House (Clemons-R) and the Florida Senate (R. Garcia-2R).

Both lawmakers were supported by the FOP this year.

It’s great to see Lawmakers doing the right thing by supporting public employees. Returning the “COLA” is a step in the right direction for Florida and should be supported by all. Let it be known that when you support us, WE SUPPORT YOU!

Author: Brian Levy, Treasurer, FOP 133