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The ‘Code Red’ Lockdown — Post Sandy Hook

The ‘Code Red’ Lockdown — Post Sandy Hook

By Brian Levy This week, I conducted my first school lockdown since the Sandy Hook tragedy. As I was on my way to this code red lockdown, many thoughts were racing through my head. As I navigated my way through traffic with my lights and sirens blasting, I was thinking about my daughter and how scared she would be in this type of situation. I could not wait to get to the school to rescue these kids. Upon my arrival, I met with the school administrator who had placed the school on an immediate lockdown. The information I had received from dispatch was that there was a subject that had just committed a robbery in the surrounding community and had been seen on school grounds. The school administrator confirmed that the subject was on school grounds and did not know his whereabouts. At this point we did not know whether the subject was on school grounds or had fled. My goal was to confront the criminal and make sure our students and staff members were safe. We needed to go room to room to verify the subject was not hiding in a classroom.  What I observed showed me that things are already very different now — post Sandy Hook. It was apparent to me that all of the schools teachers had their own, well thought out, safety plans for this type of situation.  All of the classroom doors were locked, but what we found on the inside of the classrooms was pure creativity. Born of fear. One of the first rooms we entered seemed empty at first. We could not find... read more

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