Today an officer for the Miami Dade Schools Police Department was savagely attacked while trying to effect an arrest. The video shows an adult female obstructing justice in an overt attempt to prevent the subject from being arrested by viciously kneeing the officer in the side of the face then callously kicking him on the other side. I am disgusted!

The men and women of the Miami Dade Schools Police are men and women of conviction, who are dedicated to protecting children. They are often heralded for their work in the community and of their giving and charitable nature. As you can imagine, it is excruciatingly painful to see a member of the community we are trying to protect turn on you!

THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! I commend Officer Zapico for keeping his cool under pressure and eventually placing both subjects in custody. I ask the State’s Attorney’s Office to aggressively pursue the maximum possible penalty in this case, to include, but not limited to…JAIL TIME!

Please join the Miami Dade Schools, Fraternal Order of Police in showing support for Officer Zapico. #GREATJOBGREG!