Since 2011 the Florida Retirement System (FRS) Cost of Living Adjustment (C.O.L.A.) accrual calculation has been stripped away from current law enforcement officers. The 2011 decision by Florida Lawmakers to eliminate the C.O.L.A. will have a long-lasting negative effect on the entire State of Florida and its retired police officers covered by the FRS.

The effects of this will surely be felt for years to come as our future retirees will have less retirement income making it hard to keep up with inflation. Florida law enforcement officers work tirelessly, sometimes in dangerous conditions, to create and maintain safe communities for everyone. The Fraternal Order of Police believes it is time to restore the FRS C.O.L.A accrual for these well-deserving peace officers. Over the past few years, there were only a few lawmakers who stepped up to support law enforcement officers and attempt to restore the C.O.L.A. accrual calculation.

This year there are lawmakers, Republican and Democrat, in the The Florida House of Representatives/HB779 (Clemons-R and Co-Introducers Willhite -D, Brannan-R and Watson-D) as well as the Florida Senate/SB784 (Gruters-R and Co-Introducer Broxson-R) showing their support for law enforcement officers AND public servants by putting forth legislation aimed at restoring the FRS C.O.L.A. accrual calculation.

The members of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) wholeheartedly support this proposed legislation and the lawmakers that support it. Returning the C.O.L.A. is a positive step for Floridians, law enforcement officers and our future State economy.