fop-endorses-asencioThe Fraternal Order of Police District 6 issued a statement late Tuesday saying it “emphatically and unequivocally withdraws our endorsement of David Rivera for State Rep., District 118.” Rivera appeared to be pinning his hopes on winning the election by accusing his opponent of crimes and wrongdoing.

Rivera’s campaign and his supporting political action committee have been running “robo” calls aimed at discrediting his democratic opponent Robert Asencio through unsubstantiated accusations. They also recently sent out accusatory emails endorsed by Rivera to almost all Miami-Dade County Public Schools district personnel, causing several high-ranking school administrators to raise their eyebrows and demand an inquiry into the false allegations against Asencio. The Miami-Dade Schools Police Public Information Officer later issued an official statement saying all accusations against Asencio were false.

“Rivera was asked whether or not he supported or disavowed the allegations against Asencio during a Kendall Homeowner’s Association meeting and debate two weeks ago. He repeatedly refused to give a valid answer and would not say if he did or didn’t take part in the allegations,” said an F.O.P Lodge 133 Executive Board Member who attended the meeting. “A week later, he sent the defamatory email to Miami-Dade School’s teachers and administrators with his endorsement at the bottom of the email, calling Asencio a child abuser, among other things.

The board member continued, “He (Rivera) seems desperate to win the election at any cost even if it means allowing his campaign to conjure up whatever stories they can come up with.”  The problem is; the State F.O.P. endorsed him, then he turned around and began a libelous smear campaign against a career public servant who retired as Captain with a highly distinguished career with the Miami Dade Schools Police. He basically took advantage of his endorsement and showed no regard for police officers or the Florida State Fraternal Order of Police and all its members.”

One of Rivera’s allegations is that Asencio is a child abuser for grabbing a student on a bus. Several police officers explained that occasionally, they need to restrain a person in order to protect them or other persons from harm. A complaint was filed by the student’s mother, at the time. Incidentally, the mother who filed the complaint refused to give an official statement in the case.

FOP 133 President Al Palacio and the Executive Board requested District 6 Director, Javier Ortiz rescind David Rivera’s endorsement Sunday, October 16, 2016. This request came about as David Rivera’s campaign began to hinder and undermine the good work the men and women of the Miami Dade Schools Police Department do on a daily basis; protecting students, staff, and visitors alike, then being painted with the brush of child abusers by Rivera’s campaign. Those actions are simply unacceptable.

In a statement issued late Tuesday, Javier Ortiz, Director of the Fraternal Order of Police, District 6, said, “The Fraternal Order of Police does not support David Rivera’s smear tactics and obscene insinuations about Asencio’s character and career accomplishments. Unlike Asencio, who was cleared of any wrongdoing while protecting the community, Mr. Rivera was recently found guilty and fined over $57,000 by the State of Florida.

FOP 133 is committed to its members. We will continue to fight for your rights and defend your good name at all cost. Your Executive Board looks forward to continuing to serve you in the future. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!