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Superintendent Urges All to "Rethink School Discipline"

Miami-Dade Public School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho participated in a meeting on school discipline at the White House recently. read more

M-DCPS Budget Initially Approved

The Miami-Dade County Public School Board initially approved Wednesday a new budget that includes funding for the district’s most aggressive rollout of new school programs in the face of growing competition for students. read more


FOP 133 and FOP District 6 Endorse Lubby Navarro for Re-Election as District 7 Board Member

FOP 133 and FOP District 6 Endorse Lubby Navarro for Re-Election as District 7 Board Member

Fop 133 and FOP District 6 is proud to endorse Ms. Lubby Navarro for her re-election to Miami Dade County School Board Member for District 7. Ms. Navarro has been a Miami resident for over 30 years and is a Miami Springs Senior High School graduate. She continued her post-secondary education at F.I.U. and graduated with a degree in Political Science. Ms. Navarro’s impressive public service resume includes over 20 years of service in the Florida State Senate and the Florida House of Representatives as legislative assistant, as an administrative assistant to the School Board Chair and serving in various key administrative positions for the Mayor’s Office of Miami-Dade County. She also serves as an active member of: The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary United States Homeland Security Seventh Coast Guard District, Division 6, Flotilla 65 in South Dade (Public Affairs Officer) Ms. Navarro has always been a stark supporter of law enforcement and as such, the men and women of FOP proudly support... read more

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The Juvenile Civil Citation – Is it Effective?

The Juvenile Civil Citation – Is it Effective?

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice provides an alternative to arresting juveniles who have committed first-time misdemeanor offenses; the Juvenile Civil Citation. It is well-known in the school policing community how easy it is to effect a physical arrest by placing handcuffs on a juvenile, writing an arrest form, completing an incident report and transporting the child to the Juvenile Assessment Center. By contrast, a juvenile civil citation requires much more time and effort from the police officer as a means of ensuring juveniles get the best possible chance at correcting their delinquent behaviors which have resulted in misdemeanor crimes. F.O.P. Lodge #133 is extremely proud of the earnest work accomplished over the years by our police officers in providing our children with a “second chance.” As an added bonus, the civil citation program saves taxpayers millions of dollars every year that would otherwise be spent on arrested youth who would normally go through a formal juvenile delinquency program. Here’s how it works: Once there is probable cause that certain misdemeanors have occurred and a juvenile is the offender, the police officer may issue a civil citation. Unlike an arrest where an individual is taken into custody and an arrest form is generated and the subject is transported to the proper intake facility, the civil citation, believe it or not, is much more time consuming and requires close monitoring by several entities. With all civil citations, there is a verification process to determine whether or not the juvenile meets the criteria for the program. After determining that the juvenile meets the criteria, an arrest form along with the completed... read more

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